Academic Calender

Day Date Activity
Thursday 24-Mar-16 New session begins. Students purchase Books and Notebook
Friday 25-Mar-16 Student purchase Books and Notebooks, Sharmadan (class-VI One period, As per CBSE CCE guidlines), World Forestry Day (Speech on Forestry Day in the morning assembly) Speech on Good Friday
Saturday 26-Mar-16 Students purchase Books and Notebooks,Shramdan (Class-VII one period) Speech on Shivaji Jynanti
Monday 28-Mar-16 Speech on Easter. Shramdan(Class-VIII period)
Tuesday 29-Mar-16 Shramdan(Class-IX period)
Monday 04-Apr-16 Shramdan(Class-X period), Yoga Activity in the morning Assembly(All classes)
Tuesday 04-May-16 Painting Competition (I-XII), Yoga Activity in the morning Assembly
Wednesday 06-Apr-16 Yoga Activity in the morning Assembly
Thursday 07-Apr-16 World Health Day(Speech In the morning Assembly)
Friday 08-Apr-16 Making a paper boat (KG) Speech on Gudi Padwa
Monday 11-Mar-16 Inter House Hindi DEbate Senior(ClassIX-XII)
Wednesday 13-Apr-16 Speech on Baisakhi
Thursday 14-Apr-16 Birthday of Dr. B.R Ambedker (Speech in the morning assembly),Eassy Writing Competition(IX-XII)Speech on Ram Navmi
Friday 15-Apr-16 Ram Navmi Holiday
Saturday 16-Apr-16 Birthday of Leonardo Da vinci (Speech in the morning Assembly)Cutting Shapes and Decoration them (KG),Thumb Painting(I-II)
Monday 18-Apr-16 World Heritage Day (Speech in the morning assembly),Poster Making and Slogn Writing Competition (VI-XII)
Tuesday 19-Apr-16 Mahavir Jaynti (Speech in the morning assembly)
Wednesday 20-Apr-16 Sprint 100m (VI-VIII)
Friday 22-Apr-16 Earth Day (Speech in the morning assembly),Poster making (I-VII)
Saturday 23-Apr-16 Birthday of William Shakespere
Monday 25-Apr-16 Speech in the morning Assembly Frog Race (KG)
Tuesday 26-Apr-16 Investiture Ceremony
Wednesday 27-Apr-16 Interhouse Yoga Competetion (VI-XII)
Friday 29-Apr-16 Interhouse Yoga Competition (VI-XII)
Saturday 30-Apr-16 Interhouse English Debate Senioes (IX-XII)


Day Date Activity
Sunday 01-May-16 International Labour Day
Monday 02-May-16 Speech International Labour day (in Morning Assembly)Show ‘n’ tell competition (I-II),Sandwich making (III-V), Sharmdan (class-IX one period
Wednesday 04-May-16 Formative Assessment-I
Thursday 05-May-16 Formative Assessment-I
Friday 06-May-16 Formative Assessment-I
Saturday 07-May-16 Formative Assessment-I, Birthday of Rabindra Nath Tagore (Speech in the morning assembly)
Monday 09-May-16 Formative Assessment-I, World Red Cross Day (Speech in the morning assembly)
Tuesday 10-May-16 Formative Assessment-I
Wednesday 11-May-16 Mother’s Day (Speech in the morning Assembly),Card Making (KG,I-V) Inter House Chess Championship
Thursday 12-May-16 Hindi Handwriting Competition (VI-VIII),Necklace Making (KG) Inter House Chess Championship
Friday 13-May-16 Parent-Teacher-Meeting,Interhouse Skating Championship
Saturday 14-May-16 Summer Vacation (KG,I-VIII)begins
Saturday 21-May-16 Seniors Extempore Hindi (IX-XII),Maharana Pratap Jyanti (Speech on Maharana Pratap and Budh Purnima in the morning assemblu) Interhouse Chess Championship
Sunday 22-May-16 Summer Vacation (IX-XII) begins
Wednesday 01-Jun-16 Summer Vacation (XII) begins
Friday 01-Jul-16 School Reopens after summer Vacations
Saturday 02-Jul-16 Shramdan (VIII-one period)
Wednesday 06-Jul-16 Speech on Eid-ul-fitr, Birthday of Dalai Lama (Speech in the Assembly, Shramdan VI one Period)
Thursday 07-Jul-16 Eid-ul-fitr holiday
Friday 08-Jul-16 Vagetable Painting (KG)
Sunday 10-Jul-16 World Population Day
Monday 11-Jul-16 World population Day(Speech in the morning assembly)
Tuesday 14-Jul-16 Shramdan(VII one period)
Saturday 16-Jul-16 Speech on Nelson Mande la (in the morning assembly)
Sunday 17-Jul-16 Birthday of Nelson Mendela
Monday 18-Jul-16 Formative Assessment-II


Day Date Activity
Tuesday 19-Jul-16 Formative Assessment-II
Wednesday 20-Jul-16 Formative Assessment-II
Thursday 21-Jul-16 Formative Assessment-II
Friday 22-Jul-16 Making Box with Ice Cream Sticks(KG),Formative Assessment-II
Saturday 23-Jul-16 Birthday of Bal Gangadhar Tilak(Speech in the morning assembly)
Monday 25-Jul-16 Interhouse Badminton Tournament
Tuesday 26-Jul-16 Lemon and Spoon Race(I-II) Interhouse Badminton Tournament
Wednesday 27-Jul-16 Interhouse Badminton Tournament
Friday 29-Jul-16 Speech on Munshi Prem Chand(in the morning assembly)
Saturday 30-Jul-16 Parents-Teacher Meeting
Sunday 31-Jul-16 Birthday of Munshi Prem Chand
Monday 1-Aug-16 Sanskrit Week Celebration
Tuesday 2-Aug-16 Sanskrit Week Celebration, Geeta Shlok Competition(VI to X)
Wednesday 3-Aug-16 Sanskrit Week Celebration
Thursday 4-Aug-16 Sanskrit Week Celebration
Friday 5-Aug-16 Sanskrit Week Celebration, Hiroshima Day(Speech in the morning assembly)
Saturday 6-Aug-16 Sanskrit Week Celebration, Hiroshima Day(Speech in the morning assembly)
Wednesday 10-Aug-16 Speeches on Quit India Movement and Nagasaki Day in the morning assembly, Shramdan(IX one period)
Thursday 11-Aug-16 Flag Making (KG, I-VIII)
Monday 15-Aug-16 Independence Day Celebration in School
Tuesday 16-Aug-16 Rakhi Making I-V
Wednesday 17-Aug-16 Rakhi Making and Thali Decoration (VI-XII) Speech on Raksha Bandhan
Thursday 18-Aug-16 Raksha Bandhan Holiday
Friday 19-Aug-16 G.K Quiz(VII-X)
Saturday 20-Aug-16 Rhymes Recitation(Hindi and English class I-II)
Wednesday 24-Aug-16 Speech on Janmashtami in morning assembly
Thursday 25-Aug-16 Janmashtami Holiday
Friday 26-Aug-16 Birthday of Mother Teresa(Speech in the morning assembly)(Power Point Presentation making competition VI to VIII)


Day Date Activity
Thursday 1-Sep-16 Interhouse Chess Championship(VIII-XII)
Friday 2-Sep-16 Speech on Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati, Vegetable Painting(KG, I-II) Vegetable Painting Scenery(III-VIII)
Saturday 3-Sep-16 Birthday of Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati(Speech in the morning assembly)
Monday 5-Sep-16 Teacher’s Day Celebration
Thursday 8-Sep-16 Summative Assessment-I, World Literacy Day(Speech in the morning assembly)
Friday 9-Sep-16 Summative Assessment-I(Speech on Eid-UL-Zuha) in morning assembly
Monday 12-Sep-16 Eid-ul-Zuha holiday
Tuesday 13-Sep-16 Summative Assessment-I
Wednesday 14-Sep-16 Summative Assessment-I, Hindi Divas(Speech in the morning assembly)
Thursday 15-Sep-16 Summative Assessment-I
Friday 16-Sep-16 Summative Assessment-I,World Ozone Day(Speech in the morning assembly)
Saturday 17-Sep-16 Summative Assessment-I
Monday 19-Sep-16 Summative Assessment-I
Tuesday 20-Sep-16 Summative Assessment-I
Wednesday 21-Sep-16 Summative Assessment-I, Speech on Alzhaimers day in the morning assembly
Thursday 22-Sep-16 Summative Assessment-I
Friday 23-Sep-16 Summative Assessment-I
Saturday 24-Sep-16 Summative Assessment-I
Monday 26-Aug-16 Birthday of Shaheed Bhagat Singh (Speech in the morning assembly)
Friday 30-Aug-16 Speech on Mahatma Gandhi and Lal Bhadur Shastri in the morning assembly
Saturday 1-Oct-16 Parents-Teacher Meeting
Sunday 2-Oct-16 Birthday of Lal Bahadur Shastri, Gandhi Jayanti holiday
Monday 3-Oct-16 Interhouse Cricket Tournament, Shramdan(VI one period)
Tuesday 4-Oct-16 Interhouse Cricket Tournament, Shramdan(VII one period)
Friday 7-Oct-16 Speech on Indian Air Force Day & World Post Office Day
Saturday 8-Oct-16 Indian Air Force Day, Doha Recitation Competition(VI to X)
Sunday 9-Oct-16 World Post Office Day Dussehra Break
Monday 10-Oct-16 Dussehra Holidays
Tuesday 11-Oct-16 Dussehra Holidays


Day Date Activity
Wednesday 12-Oct-16 School reopens after Dussehra break Shramdan (VII one period)
Saturday 13-Oct-16 Birthday of A.P.J.Abdul Kalam Speech in the morning assembly Catoon Making (Classes I-III)
Monday 17-Oct-16 Birthday of Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati(Speech in the morning assembly)
Tuesday 18-Oct-16 Ideas and Innovation Day(Best out of Waste) all classes
Wednesday 19-Oct-16 Karvachauth Holiday
Monday 24-Oct-16 Speech on U.N.O in the morning assembly UNO Day (Web Page Making Competition Class IX and X)
Wednesday 26-Oct-16 Interhouse Kho-Kho Tournament
Thursday 27-Oct-16 Maharishi Valmiki Birthday(Speech in the morning assembly), Shramdan(IX) Candle and Diya Decoration/ Toran Making of(VI-XII)
Friday 28-Oct-16 Candle and Diya Decoration KG,I-V
Saturday 29-Oct-16 Speech on Diwali Goverdhan Pooja Speech o Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel in morning assembly interhouse Rangoli Making Competition(VII-XII)
Sunday 30-Oct-16 Diwali Holiday, Birthday of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, Rashtriya Sadbhavna Divas
Monday 31-Oct-16 Goverdhan Pooja Holiday
Tuesday 1-Nov-16 Bhai Dooj Holiday
Wednesday 2-Nov-16 Caricature Activity(VIII-XII), Vigilance Awareness Week
Thursday 3-Nov-16 Special assembly on Vigilance Awareness
Friday 4-Nov-16 Skit in the morning assembly for Vigilance Awareness
Saturday 5-Nov-16 Theme Based activity(I-II), Rhymes Recitation(KG)
Wednesday 11-Nov-16 Children’s Day Celebration, Speech on Guru Nanak Jayanti
Monday 14-Nov-16 Guru Nanak Dev Jayanti Holiday
Wednesday 16-Nov-16 Formative Assessment-III
Thursday 17-Nov-16 Formative Assessment-III
Friday 18-Nov-16 Formative Assessment-III
Saturday 19-Nov-16 Formative Assessment-III
Monday 21-Nov-16 Formative Assessment-III
Tuesday 22-Nov-16 Formative Assessment-III
Saturday 26-Nov-16 Parent-Teacher Meeting School Exhibitions for all Departments
Thursday 1-Dec-16 World AIDS Day(Speech in the morning assembly), Shramdan(VI one period)
Friday 2-Dec-16 Shramdan(VII), Hut Making with torn papers(KG)
Saturday 3-Dec-16 Disability Day(Speech of Disability Dayi assembly Birthday of Dr Rajendra Prasad (Speech in the morning assembly), Speech on Navy Day)


Day Date Activity
Sunday 04-Dec-16 Navy Day
Monday 05-Dec-16 Shramdan (X one period)
Wednesday 07-Dec-16 Armed Forces Flag Day (Speech in the morning assembly)
Thursday 08-Dec-16 Shramdan(VIII one period)
Friday 09-Dec-16 Speech on Human Rights Day in the morning assembly
Saturday 10-Dec-16 Human Rights Day
Monday 19-Dec-16 Making a Santa Cap With Paper Folding(KG,I-V)
Thursday 22-Dec-16 Gift Wrapping Activity(I-V), Christmas Tree Decoration(I-X)
Friday 23-Dec-16 Kisan Diwas(Speech in morning assembly, card making(I-VIII)Speech on Issac Newton in the morning Assembly), Christmas Bell Decoration(KG)
Sunday 25-Dec-16 Christmas Day Holiday, Birthday of Issac Newton
Monday 26-Dec-16 Birthday of Charles Babbage Speech in morning Assembly (Constitutional Day) Speech on Constitutional Day in assembly
Tuesday 27-Dec-16 Birthday of Mirza Galib (Speech in the morning assembly)
Friday 30-Dec-16 Thread Grapes Game(KG)
Saturday 31-Dec-16 Maths Olympaid(VI-VII)
Sunday 01-Jan-17 Winter Vacation begins(KG, I-XI)
Thursday 12-Jan-17 School Reopens after winter Vacations, Birthday of Swami Vivekanand (Speech on Swami Vivekanand in the morning assembly)
Friday 13-Jan-17 Shramdan(VI one period), Speech on Makar Sankranti and Army Day in Morning Assembly
Saturday 14-Jan-17 Makar Sankranti Holiday
Sunday 15-Jan-17 Army Day (Speech in the morning assembly)
Monday 16-Jan-17 Formative Assessment-IV
Tuesday 17-Jan-17 Formative Assessment-IV
Wednesday 18-Jan-17 Formative Assessment-IV
Thursday 19-Jan-17 Formative Assessment-IV
Friday 20-Jan-17 Formative Assessment-IV
Saturday 21-Jan-17 Formative Assessment-IV
Monday 23-Jan-17 Birthday of Subhash Chandra Bose(Speech in the morning Assembly)
Thursday 26-Jan-17 Republic Day Celebration in School
Friday 27-Jan-17 Clay Modeling (KG) Speech on Lala Lajpat Rai in the morning assembly
Saturday 28-Jan-17 Birthday of Lala Lajpat Rai, Parent-Teacher Meeting


Day Date Activity
Monday 30-Jan-17 Shramdan (VIII), Martyr’s DAy
Wednesday 01-Feb-17 Vasant Panchmi(Speech in morning assembly)
Friday 03-Feb-17 Interhouse Basketball Tournament
Saturday 04-Feb-17 Interhouse Basketball Tournament
Monday 06-Feb-17 Making Flowers(paper folding KG)
Wednesday 08-Feb-17 Shramdan(VI)
Thursday 09-Feb-17 Shramdan(VII one period)
Monday 13-Feb-17 Birthday of Abraham lincoln(Speech in morning assembly), Vasant Panchmi(Speech in morning assembly)
Wednesday 15-Feb-17 Birthday of Galileo Galilei(Speech in morning assembly)
Saturday 18-Feb-17 Summative Assessment-II
Monday 20-Feb-17 Summative Assessment-II
Tuesday 21-Feb-17 Summative Assessment-II
Wednesday 22-Feb-17 Summative Assessment-II
Thursday 23-Feb-17 Summative Assessment-II
Friday 24-Feb-17 Maha Shivratri Holiday
Saturday 25-Feb-17 Summative Assessment-II
Monday 27-Feb-17 Summative Assessment-II
Tuesday 28-Feb-17 Summative Assessment-II
Wednesday 01-Mar-17 Summative Assessment-II
Thursday 02-Mar-17 Summative Assessment-II
Friday 03-Mar-17 Summative Assessment-II
Saturday 04-Mar-17 Summative Assessment-II
Monday 06-Mar-17 Summative Assessment-II
Tuesday 07-Mar-17 Summative Assessment-II,International Women’s Day
Wednesday 08-Mar-17 International Women’s Day,Summative Assessment-II
Monday 13-Mar-17 Holi Holiday
Friday 18-Mar-17 Result Declaration
Monday 20-Mar-17 Students purchase books and notebooks
Thursday 21-Mar-17 Students purchase books and notebooks
Monday 24-Mar-17 New session begins,Students purchase books and notebooks