Meet the Team


Naresh Kaushik(Chairman)

Welcome to G.A.V Public School’s website. As a professional association, we support high standards of collegiality, professional practice and conduct among our members. By supporting excellence in school leadership we are contributing to the quality of education enjoyed by all school students.

The education and development of young people is one of the most important tasks anyone can undertake. We are proud of the outstanding leadership that our teachers give and their role in supporting students’ professional aspirations.




Pradeep Kaushik(M. Director)

There are several good reasons to consider enrolling your child at G.A.V Public School We have a strong belief in the importance of basic human values such as humility, integrity and respect.
Primary School is a time when these foundations are established. We also believe that a good set of values is more important, and will last longer, than anything we teach. Of course we have a team of respected teachers committed to teaching children these personal values and a life-long love of learning. We’re proud of our esteemed history and inspired by what lies ahead. Welcome to our family. We look forward to meeting yours.